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LaserMove Pro

The advanced & innovative companion
for your physio and movement training
LaserMovePro | Visuelles Feedback

LaserMove Pro

Visualizes their movements through a high-precision
Laser dot, giving you feedback in real time.
LaserMovePro | Einfache Anwendung

LaserMove Pro

The battery-powered LaserMove Pro is attached to the body via a velcro cuff and can be rotated 360°.

The high-precision feedback system for your training

Maximum power, precise control and unlimited potential: The LaserMove Pro is your indispensable partner for effective physiotherapy and movement training. A high-precision laser dot visualizes your movements and allows you to control, optimize and correct your movements in real time.

Whether you want to regain your range of motion, improve your performance, or simply get in top shape, the LaserMove Pro gives you the power and feedback to achieve your goals. Easy to use, effective in training.

Effective training due to precise movements

The LaserMove Pro is attached to the body with a velcro cuff. The battery-powered laser pointer can be swiveled 360° and can thus be placed in any position. Via the laser point, you receive real-time visual feedback of your exercise session and can thus directly optimize or correct your movement.

The exercise possibilities are almost unlimited. Here you can see some exercises for knee, shoulder, ankle, neck and hip:

Downloads for the LaserMove Pro

For the exercises, the LaserMove exercise target is attached to a wall. Here you can download and print the exercise target as a PDF file.

LaserMove Pro | Zielscheibe

Now available at Wexelpunkt

The LaserMove Pro includes a laser pointer, an adjustable mount, a velcro cuff and an exercise disc. 

You can get the entire package for €69.90 at the Wexel-Shop or directly from Wexelpunkt at the reception desk: Maisacher Straße 118 RGB, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany.

You are also welcome to order the LaserMove Pro by e-mail or phone:
Order by e-mail: 
By telephone under +49 8141 – 3538433 

Available at the Wexel-Shop